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UN4GV 2-in 1 Liter/32 oz (or less) Special Permit Packaging Kit

UN4GV 2-in 1 Liter/32 oz (or less) Special Permit Packaging Kit

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UN4GV 2-in 1 Liter/32 oz. or less Special Permit Packaging by HAZPlus® is designed to allow users to transport hazardous materials without hazard labels.

These 4GV packing systems have been authorized by the Department of Transportation to ship most hazardous materials, in a wide variety of primary containers, without hazard labels.

“No Label Required” means no package segregation problems – this is especially helpful in the parcel and air shipment of many hazardous materials. This type of system is required by UPS and Fed-EX for many hazardous goods shipments.

In order to qualify as special permit packaging, the Special Permit package that corresponds to the class of hazardous material authorized by the Special Permit must be used and our provided Closing Instructions must be followed completely. This includes using only components that are specifically designed as part of the Special Permit packaging system.

UN Rating: UN4GV/X17.3/S

Kits are sold in packs of 4.  Please contact us for orders smaller than 4 units or volume discounts.

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